Squatty pottyCurious about the origin of the squatty potty? Looking for one of these toilet squat stools for your household? This is the place for you.

History : Squatty potty was created by Robert Edwards. A 37-year-old contractor at the time, Edwards watched his mother – who suffered from constipation – endure constant pain. She went so far as to keep a bulky step-stool in her bathroom, so as to raise her feet a little higher while relieving herself to provide some small relief.

The problem? That step stool required so much space that it made the relief useless. Robert Edwards offered to create a smaller, more comfortable stool that would fit much better around the toilet even while it was not in use.

And, as they say, the rest is history. To date, Edwards continues to help millions of people poop better. While it served as a monetary benefit to him, squatty potties have gone on to provide incredible benefits to all who use them.

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