Squatty Potty AustraliaYou have seen the stats. You know all about squatty potty stool benefits. You need one yourself! Now here’s the question – how can I find one? And do I have to go somewhere to do it?

We understand. Shopping for items related to relieving ourselves can be embarrassing. Don’t we all hide the tampon boxes behind the other groceries? No? Just me? Either way, if you have decided that you need a squatty potty but would rather not venture out to find it in a physical store, this is the place for you.

We are here to help!

Step #1: Go online

Jump on Google to find exactly what you need. Visit the lovely home page, with the sliding menus of pictures of squatty potties – don’t they look good? But don’t get lost here. Slide that browser over to the products page for Step #2…

Step #2: Shop

Here you are, at the one-and-only squatty potty stop shop. Scroll down toward the bottom to find the squatty potty that fits your personal needs.

Step #3: Enter Information

Add to your cart, enter your payment information, and then you are set! Would you look at that… in just a few short minutes, you have found the perfect squatty potty – completely online!

When it arrives, don’t just let it sit in the packaging! You found exactly what you needed and start experiencing all the squatty potty benefits.