Squatty PottyYou’ve seen the stats. You know the benefits of a squatty potty and have decided you need one for yourself! Now here’s the question – how can I find one?… I’m here to help!

Step #1: Go online

Simply Google “squatty potty australia” and you’ll be directed to the website, with the sliding menus with pictures of squatty potties – don’t they look good? But don’t get lost here. Slide that browser to the product selection page of your screen for Step #2.

Step #2: Shop

Here you are, at the one-and-only squatty potty stop shop. Scroll down toward the bottom to find the squatty potty that fits your personal needs.

Step #3: Enter Information

Add to your cart, enter your payment information, and then you are set! Would you look at that… in just a few short minutes, you have found the perfect squatty potty – completely online!

When it arrives, don’t just let it sit in the packaging! Take it out, use it, and leave a review online!