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It’s as simple as “Sit, Elevate, Eliminate”. All of our TOILET STOOL products are designed to conveniently slide under the base of your toilet when not in use. And when it’s time to go, simply sit, and slide out the TOILET STOOL to comfortably position your feet on top, providing healthy and complete elimination.

[av_toggle title=’WILL THE TOILET STOOL FIT WITH MY TOILET?’ tags=”]

Yes, our products are strictly designed to cater and fit with every toilet on the market.

[av_toggle title=’CAN CHILDREN USE A TOILET STOOL?’ tags=”]

Absolutely! For young children, dangling feet stops them from producing pressure for effective and complete bowel movement. By providing support under their feet, this allows for easier and fuller elimination. Due to popular demand in, be sure to check out our cool range of colours for kids!

Lastly, our products are not designed to be used as a potty training accessory. However, with parental supervision and hand holding, it is safe. We recommend to never leave a child unattended in a bathroom.

[av_toggle title=’CAN I STAND ON A TOILET STOOL?’ tags=”]

No, our products are designed to help elevate your feet to mimic a squatting position while in the toilet. Be sure to avoid standing on any TOILET STOOL products at all times.

[av_toggle title=’HOW DO I CLEAN IT MY TOILET STOOL?’ tags=”]

Simply use a damped soft rag, with soap and water. Or alternatively “wet wipes” works just as fine.