Squatty PottyDifficult as it may be to believe in the twenty-first century, our ancestors may have had it right when it came to squatting to relieve themselves. While we have grown up in the era of toilets in every home and a multitude of public places, much of the population of third-world countries still squats. Was the transition from squatting to toilets entirely for the best? Have we only harmed ourselves? And can using a squatty potty take us back to the benefits of squatting for excretion, while still maintaining the sanitation and privacy of a modern toilet? Good questions. What are the benefits of a squatty potty?

Benefit #1: Ease You only need to squat once before you realise how much easier it is. Everything flows so much better and your body will thank you for it.

Benefit #2: Relief If you suffer from haemorrhoids and/or constipation, using a squatty potty is proven to give you some relief as you relieve yourself.

Benefit #3: Disease Prevention There are grounds to the belief that our modern toilets are to blame for haemorrhoids, constipation, and other diseases. The position that we hold doesn’t allow for the most ease while pooping (see Benefit #1), and the strain we exert on our body during excretion can result in several diseases.