Squatty PottyThere is nothing quite like a squatty potty for relieving your pain (yes, pun intended!). Here are our Top 3 Reasons You Need a Squatty Potty.

Reason #1: Benefits of a Squatty Potty

You can’t argue with squatty potty benefits! Not only are they proven to keep you from straining parts of your body as you relieve yourself, squatty potties are proven to reduce the risk of haemorrhoids and constipation. And if you already suffer from either one of these diseases already, squatty potties can ease your pain.

Reason #2: A Squatty Potty Looks Good

Face it, squatty potties look pretty. Rather than a bulky footstool or – God forbid – nothing at all – these toilet squat stools are sleek and can be purchased in colours to match your bathroom decor.

Reason #3: It’s So Easy!

How to buy a squatty potty online? It’s never been easier. Thats right, reason #3 that you need a squatty potty – because it’s so dang easy to purchase! Simply Google “squatty potty australia“, and purchase one for yourself! It’s so easy, you can do it without a second thought.